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On this rebroadcasted episode of the Irish-Christian podcast Vox Hibernia, pastor Mike Neglia discusses some tough topics with guests Mary and Abigail. They talk about disabilities, worth and how the 8th amendment will affect the unborn’s right to life.

CGN / GoodLion Podcast Network is re-releasing this content because we believe it will be a helpful conversation for American pastors and leaders who find themselves in a post-roe world.

Show Notes:

Mary Holohan quote :

Proposed change to the Irish constitution:

41 quotes from medical textbooks on conception as the beginning of life:

Infanticide thought experiment:

Mike Neglia is the lead pastor at Calvary Cork, having moved to Ireland from Fallbrook, California, in 2003. In addition to pursuing a master’s degree at Western Seminary, Mike serves on the Calvary Global Network Executive Team and hosts the Expositors Collective podcast.

Calvary Global Network (CGN) is a family of churches working together to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.