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Do You Carry Burdens Like Cats Wear Clothes?

By November 10, 2016April 24th, 2022Christian Living4 min read

Have you ever put clothing on a cat? In my super important research for this article I found it necessary to search YouTube with the words “putting clothes on cats.” I encourage you to do the same, as it will definitely brighten your day. When I was younger, we had a cat named Mr. Fraidy, so named because he was afraid of everything. Get it? He was a “fraidy cat.” I know, my family is a clever bunch. As a source of fun and enjoyment, we would cut the toes out of a stretched-out sock and slip it onto Mr. Fraidy. He would get up and try to walk but would ultimately end up looking like some sort of drunken sailor or just give up all together and lay down in defeat. Oddly enough, this picture of my poor, old cat came to mind when I was doing a devotion about our burdens.

Burden by definition means “a heavy load.”

We all carry them from time to time, and sometimes, they are put on us (like little Mr. Fraidy, God rest his feline soul). We do our best to walk around and make life work in spite of this heavy weight. If you are anything like me, you stuff the burdens down, trying to hide them until one day it’s just too much, and you can’t fight the desire to give up anymore. But, we are able to be free of the burdens just as quick and easy as Mr. Fraidy was. When he complained enough (i.e. meowed as loud and angrily as he could), we would reluctantly remove the sock, and he would scamper off to hide underneath a bed or behind the couch. Similarly, when we are loaded down with worries and cares, all we need to do is ask God to take them from us.

When I was watching those silly “cat with clothes on” videos, I began to wonder what God thinks when He sees me struggling to carry my own burdens. Does he chuckle sometimes at the silliness of it all? How foolish I am to think that I can handle the weight on my own, when all I need to do is say, “OK, God, this is too much; I need you to take it.” In His kindness, He instantly removes the burden and gets rid of it.

God is clear in His words that the MOMENT we come to Him and ask for His help, He steps in immediately to rescue us. He says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I WILL give you rest.”

This is a clear invitation to come and be released from the unnecessary weight you’re carrying. God has time for you, my friend! He has time to spend removing your burdens, no matter the weight and no matter how many you have been lugging around. His goal is your freedom! How can you walk encumbered by the worries, cares and stresses of life? The answer is you can’t, and you weren’t meant to. Don’t be like those cats with clothes on. Meow (er, I mean call) to God, and He will come to your rescue and set you free from that weight!

In all seriousness, my friends, what burdens are you carrying today? It doesn’t matter how small it may seem; it is keeping you from walking in the freedom God has already given you. How Jesus longs to come for you and remove that heaviness. He wants you to be able to walk lightly today. Will you let Him?

Shannon Quintana is a wife, mom and worship leader. She is a worship leader at Refuge Calvary Chapel.