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Heritvge EP

By January 25, 2020May 2nd, 2022Calvary Creative, Music1 min read

Heritvge EP

HERITVGE started in 2014 when Andrew Messenger (keys & vox) moved down to California from Idaho and met up with life-long friends Matt (guitar & vox) and David (drums) Garcia [along the way also adopting the formidable Hunter Taylor (lead guitar & bass)]. As soon as they reconnected after being apart for years, they started playing worship together – first locally for their church and eventually for other churches within Southern California.

Having a heart to reach a greater audience, they began writing songs – some of which would end up on their debut EP, HERITVGE EP released in August of 2017. Their mission from the start has been to use worship as a tool to reach the lost, proclaim God’s truth, and to spur on the disheartened believer. This mission rings true with their debut EP and continues to be their mission moving forward to whatever lies ahead.

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