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Hope for America, Stop Praying for Stuff, Five Keys to Effective Preaching & More

By November 20, 2020Culture3 min read

“The Hope for America is the Church”Thinke
“Do we want to see our land healed? God is saying, ‘It starts with My people.’ Christians need to live up to their name. As Christ followers, we need to be Christlike. And if the church would be what it was meant to be, then it would change our nation.”

“Stop Praying for Stuff (and Start Praying for God)“– The Gospel Coalition
“When we view prayer as nothing more than a request and don’t receive what we ask for, we often start to doubt.”

“God Gave You a Specific Congregation. Preach to Them.”Christianity Today
“5 keys to effective, locally focused preaching.”

“Planting and Building Vibrant Churches”Moody Radio
“A foundation in the Word of God is the key to vibrant and reproductive churches. Calvary Chapel Pastor Brian Brodersen talks with Ed Stetzer about how planting and partnering with churches can build on the Word and the Spirit.”

“Hymn Writers & Poets” Gracious Words
“Various Hymn Writers & Poets: Have you ever heard of Charlotte Elliot or Anna Warner? How about Adelaide Pollard or Ellen Lakshmi Goreh? While you may not have heard of these women, there’s a good chance you have heard of the poems and hymns that they wrote! Join us today for NINE (yep, nine!) stories behind some of the best-loved poems and hymns of all time. You will be encouraged and amazed at how the Lord turned challenging and even painful experiences into a song for His glory!”

“Emblems of the Infinite King”Crossway
“Emblems of the Infinite King is an imaginative audio journey to discover afresh God’s radiant beauty through the main categories of systematic theology: God, humanity, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and the last things. Narrated by Ryan Lister and featuring an original score, this 10-episode podcast is a great way to introduce young and old alike to the deep truths of Scripture that explain how we got here, why our lives matter, and where we’re going.”

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