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In the New Testament we see how, as the gospel spread, new churches were established as hubs for discipleship and carrying out God’s mission in a local area. But is there still a need for new churches today?

In this final episode of Season 3, Nick Cady speaks with the Core Team of the Cultivate Church Planter Training Program, an initiative of CGN which has developed a local-church based program to assess, train, deploy, and care for leaders who will spearhead new church plants around the world.

The members of the Cultivate Core Team believe that the world needs more gospel-centered churches, and in this episode they talk about why there is a need for more churches, as well as some common mistakes that church planters and sending churches can make, and some proven methods for helping new church plants succeed. Finally, they discuss how Cultivate works, and how people can get connected.

Listen for a clip from Pastor Chuck Smith on the topic of church planting.

The Cultivate Core Team is: Nick Cady, Kellen Criswell, Brian Kelly, and Bruce Zachary. More information about Cultivate can be found at

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