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The Christmas season is upon us! This is a unique time in the calendar year when nominal Christians and occasional visitors will come to your church to sing songs and listen to a sermon. How can we leverage this opportunity for the gospel? How can a preacher, who has perhaps preached dozens of Christmas messages over the years, keep it “fresh” now? Eight former (and upcoming) guests of the podcast were asked exactly that question and have submitted their answers.

Our hope is that as you listen to these different perspectives and ideas that it will stir your heart with fresh enthusiasm this upcoming December!

For full biographies and

John Starke – 02:34

Shane Angland – 08:42

Ian Clary – 10:36

Dave Lomas – 14:09

Episode forthcoming (Scheduled for December 20, 2022)

Taylor Turkingtonn – 17:05

Episode forthcoming (Scheduled for January 17, 2023)

Preaching Today article mentioned:

David Mathis – 20:57

The Christmas We Didn’t Expect: A Daily Advent Devotional

John Brown – 27:28

Dominic Done – 31:01

Mike Neglia – 39:52

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