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Privilege, Oppression, Intersectionality and the Church, Cancel Culture, Elisabeth Elliot and More

By October 16, 2020Culture4 min read

“Privilege, Oppression, Intersectionality and the Church”Think
“The word ‘privilege’ may be the most neutral word we have available, but given that the many of the key spokespeople on all sides are as privileged as each other, that doesn’t solve the identification problem either. With no commonly agreed labels for what we are talking about—which is partly a function of novelty, since much of this discourse has sprung up in the last decade—the conversation is difficult.”

“Biden, Trump and the Great Evangelical Disaster”Christian Today
“The Great Evangelical Disaster which argued that Christians had so deserted the Bible that they were heading for a disaster. The abandonment of Scripture was the disaster, but that would lead to futher disasters as the Church was set on a downhill slide – especially in the USA. Schaeffer was a prophet. Not only was his analysis of the culture correct, his predictions about the future have largely turned out to be right as well.”

“CANCEL CULTURE | What I Mean When I Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ | Dr. Eric Mason”Epiphany Fellowship Podcast
“This week, Dr. Eric Mason preached from Genesis 1:26-28. He reminded us that all people are created in the image of God and that this must inform how we understand the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

“Why do White Christians Vote Republican, and Black Christians Vote Democrat?”Phil Vischer
“An overwhelming majority of WHITE Christians vote Republican. And an overwhelming majority of BLACK Christians vote Democrat. Why is that? Don’t they read the same Bible and pray to the same God? Which group doesn’t know they’re voting for the wrong party?? Phil Vischer takes us on a fast-paced trip through history to figure out why different American Christians read the same Bible, pray to the same God, and vote very, very differently.”

“Critical Race Theory (with Monique Duson)”Think Biblically
“Much of the conversation about race in 2020 has surfaced an underlying philosophy that is driving the discussion in the broader culture — known as Critical Race Theory. Our guest, Monique Duson, helps us understand what this is and how it fits with a Christian worldview. Join Scott and Sean for this insightful discussion of this important cultural topic.”

“Elisabeth Elliot: Women Worth Knowing”Gracious Words
“Elisabeth Elliot (1926-2015): A woman who probably needs no introduction! Elisabeth Elliot was one of the most influential and beloved Christian women of the 20th century. Join us and our special guest, Kathy Gilbert, as we discuss Elisabeth’s marriage to radical missionary martyr, Jim Elliot; her own ministry among the people who killed her husband; her rise to prominence as a Christian author and speaker; and Kathy’s own personal experience of friendship with her! You definitely won’t want to miss this one!!”

“The Preacher as Hitman and Midwife”Expositors Collective
“Mike speaks with Scott about the role of the Law and Gospel in Christian preaching. Dr Keith believes that the Law should first kill any hope of self-righteousness before the gospel brings life, so in a sense, a preacher is both a hitman (killing) and a midwife (bringing life). They also speak about beautiful feet, procrastination, liturgy and the value of forgiveness.”

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