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The Link: Billy Graham Statue in U.S. Capitol, CGN International Conference, Biblical Critique of Secular Justice & More

By August 7, 2020Culture3 min read

Calvary Chapel | CGN International Conference Calvary Global Network
“Join us August 10-13 for the Calvary Chapel | CGN International Conference as we discuss this year’s theme, Essential Church: Idenity, Power and Mission.”

“Billy Graham Statue to Replace That of White Supremacist in U.S. Capitol”Baptist Press
“A life-sized statue of the Rev. Billy Graham will be installed in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall collection sometime next year, replacing a statue of a white supremacist that both the state of North Carolina and the U.S. House want removed.”

“A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory” Tim Keller
“There have never been stronger calls for justice than those we are hearing today. But seldom do those issuing the calls acknowledge that currently there are competing visions of justice, often at sharp variance, and that none of them have achieved anything like a cultural consensus, not even in a single country like the US. It is overconfident to assume that everyone will adopt your view of justice, rather than some other, merely because you say so.”

“Richard Baxter On Churches Meeting When Forbidden” Ethics & Culture
“The following is an excerpt from The Practical Works of Richard Baxter, the fifth volume, in his Christian Ecclesiastics, where he details answers to nearly 200 questions dealing with Christians and matters of conscience.”

“How Two California Megachurches Kept Worshiping”Christianity Today
“John MacArthur takes a stand against regulations, while Greg Laurie finds creative ways to comply.”

“How Early Christianity was Mocked for Welcoming Women”Canon Fodder
“I recently received a question on Twitter about where in our patristic sources we see early Christianity mocked for being a religion filled with women. The short answer: lots of places.”

“Ray Ortlund: Gospel Preaching & Gospel Culture”Expositors Collective
“Enjoy this sneak-peak of episode 122 of the Expositors Collective podcast. The entire conversation (with higher quality audio) will be posted on our podcast later in the month of August.”

“PEP Talk Podcast With Karen Swallow Prior”Solas
“From classical literature to throw-away tweets, communication and language are part of how we reflect the image of a God who is revealed by his Word. This time on PEP Talk, Andy and Kristi speak with US academic and author Karen Swallow Prior, exploring the touchpoints we have with the entire human race in the great books and stories of our culture. How can we make use of these when sharing the gospel?”

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