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The Link: C.S. Lewis’ Last Written Word, Darwin Apostasy, Pro Skater Story & More

By October 7, 2019Culture5 min read

“C. S. Lewis’ Last Written Word: We Have No Right to Happiness”The Gospel Coalition
“The last written work that C. S. Lewis delivered before his death in 1963 was an opinion piece for the Saturday Evening Post called ‘We Have No Right to Happiness.’ This brief essay lays out the problem of separating ‘happiness’ from obedience to the eternal law, and it shows tremendous foresight in how the right to ‘sexual happiness’ would inevitably alter our view of happiness in general until the very heart of civilization would be threatened. Below, I’ve published Lewis’ article in full.”

“‘The Lord Bless Thee:’ Remembering Pastor Chuck”
“It was about a week later when my cousin approached me, saying, ‘Do you realize we were the last people to hear your dad sing? Steph [his wife] and I talked about it on the way here. What a miracle! Think about it. He sang a blessing over us!’ Then it hit me. I had wanted a blessing from my dad, but I chose to sing a blessing over him. Yes, Dad took over the song, just like he took over my wedding plans, but he gave the greater blessing. God’s grace is the greatest blessing we can give to anyone.”

“Coyne, Bechly, Miller, Berlinski: Scientists Debate David Gelernter’s Darwin Apostasy”Evolution News
“This year when three scientists preemptively reviewed Michael Behe’s major book Darwin Devolves in the journal Science, Behe sought a chance to reply. The editor turned him down. So here’s some progress to report: Jerry Coyne ‘reviewed’ Yale polymath David Gelernter’s recent knockout essay confessing the gravest doubts about Darwinian theory. Coyne wrote for the online magazine Quillette. When three Discovery Institute scientists sought an opportunity to reply and defend Gelernter, they were granted the opportunity!”

“Best of Series: David Guzik on Bible Study”
“Enjoy this episode of Things That Matter as Pastor David Guzik talks with Pastor Brian Brodersen on Bible exposition, studying the scriptures and Bible commentaries. David and Brian encourage both pastors/Bible teachers, and by extension all believers, to simply keep digging into the Word and delight in it as Psalm 119 proclaims. Enjoy David’s commentary and other resources at”

“The Universe: Where Did It Come from, and Why are We Part of It?”Unbelievable?
“Celebrated mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose talks to renowned Christian philosopher William Lane Craig about God and the Universe. They discuss Penrose’s ‘3 realms’ view of reality and his Conformal Cyclical Cosmology. Could the fundamental nature of reality, the Big Bang and the fine tuning of the Universe point towards a creator God?”

“Undeceptions with John Dickson”God Science
“‘I think some people can … deceive themselves into thinking that science will keep them going, but they’re usually people who are having a very good life and they’re not hitting the big existential problems of existence where science doesn’t really help very much.’ That’s John Lennox, one of Christianity’s great ‘Undeceivers.’ He has debated Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Singer on the question of ‘Can science explain everything?’ This episode, he sits down for tea with John Dickson in the gardens of Green Templeton College.”

“What’s Beaver’s Story?”Creation Fest UK
“Beaver Fleming is a pro skater who skates around the world with Nitro Circus. He regularly competes internationally and is one of the few people to hit the Giganta ramp on a skateboard, creating some huge world-first combos in the process! Here he tells his story of what faith means to him, what it’s like to follow an extraordinary God and why sharing Jesus on the ramps at Creation Fest is one of his favourite ways to spend a week in August!”

“Live Life: Discipleship Book”
Live Life is a simple and concise discipleship book. It targets four of the main issues every believer faces after receiving Christ. It is uniquely designed to be a follow-up and follow-through book that equips believers in their faith. It strategically takes a believer through four sessions of life’s greatest questions of how to Live Fresh, Live Free, Live Forgiven and Live Forever.”

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