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The Link: Conference Archives, the Gospel of Caesar, Scientific Authoritarianism & More

By August 21, 2020Culture2 min read

“Conference Archives Available for Purchase”Calvary Global Network
“The 2020 Calvary Chapel CGN International Conference Archives are available now in English and Spanish for a minimal $10 purchase!”

“The beginning of the gospel of Caesar”Medium
“How much should ministers of the gospel fight for their rights?”

“‘In Fauci We Trust’? C. S. Lewis Foresaw Scientific Authoritarianism”Evolution News
“At the heart of it all are science and culture. Their intersection, long divisive as we know from the evolution debate, became radioactive this year. In 2020, science emerged not as source of insight and service to humanity, but also as a false religion.”

“How Gospel Preaching Creates Gospel Culture”Expositors Collective
“Ray Ortlund speaks with Mike about the distinction between educational Bible teaching and heart stirring, encouraging true preaching. He believes that the goal of preaching is new life, liberation and freedom, not bondage, heaviness and law. And as the wonderful gospel of Jesus is placarded in a church, a culture of safety, warmth and welcome is created.”

“The Problem with Sean Feucht’s ‘Let Us Worship’ Campaign”Premier Christianity
“The Bethel-based worship leader Sean Feucht believes the US Government is “silencing the faithful”. Sam Hailes responds.”

“The Resurrection of Christ: Power Over Death”Back to Basics
“The resurrection of Jesus is, as stated last time, the cornerstone of Christianity; therefore, we will spend a few more weeks considering this vitally important doctrine.”

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