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The Link: Crossing Cultures Podcast, Uncontroversial Topics with Tim Keller, Challenges of Church Succession & More

By October 2, 2020Culture4 min read

“Crossing.Cultures Podcast”Phil Metzger
“Tune in for the first episode of “Crossing.Cultures” Podcast with Phil Metzger! We look forward to this new podcast! Click the link above to start listening! Follow Crossing.Cultures @crossing.cultures

“Tim Keller on Race, Justice, and Other Uncontroversial Stuff”The Gospel Coalition
“Tim Keller, co-founder of TGC, has just completed a series of essays on the Bible’s view of race and justice—and how it compares to the reigning paradigms of our day. Altogether the series totals more than 37,000 words—a book-length treatment.”

“Evangelism During a Pandemic?”GoodLion
“Pastor and comedian, Joel Turner, talks with Aaron about evangelism… specifically the challenges of doing it during a pandemic, his views on top methods and best practices, the involvement of the Holy Spirit, and much more!”

“The Challenges of Church Succession”The Expositors Collective
“In episode 128 of the Expositors Collective podcast, Jon Geraci speaks with Nick Cady about pastoral succession and what it was like to step into the lead role of an established church, as well as his journey of finding his own voice as a preacher after growing up as the son of a well-known and beloved pastor. Jon shares how his experience teaching children and leading a church plant helped him grow as a teacher.”

“A Biblical Response to Social Justice (with Thaddeus Williams)”Think Biblically
“How should Christians think about social justice? What is a Christian response to Critical Race Theory? In this video, Sean McDowell interviews Biola professor Thaddeus Williams about his upcoming book: Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth. In particular, Sean and Thaddeus discuss how Christians can respond to present race relations.”

“Southern Baptist leaders welcome Barrett nomination”
Baptist Press
“Southern Baptist leaders Russell Moore and Ronnie Floyd commended President Trump’s nomination Saturday (Sept. 26) of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

“Behe on Denton’s Latest: ‘The Universe Miraculously Got [It] Right'”Evolution News
“Michael Denton is the world’s most profound thinker about the fundamental physical and chemical requirements for the existence of a humanoid species such as ourselves. By gathering and synthesizing facts from an enormous range of scientific observations, Denton shows with overwhelming force that the universe was made for intelligent, technology-using beings of roughly our size — beings whose very existence depends precariously on a myriad of physical details that the universe miraculously got right. Anyone who wonders whether nature shows any signs of purpose needs to read The Miracle of the Cell.”

“‘Against the Tide’ Trailer Exclusive: Kevin Sorbo, John Lennox on Finding God in an Age of Science”The Christian Post
“The trailer for the upcoming film Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science has been released and is premiering exclusively on The Christian Post. In the film, Oxford professor John Lennox and veteran actor Kevin Sorbo travel the world together exploring how science and history support Scripture.”

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