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The Link: How Do We Work Toward Racial Equality, Race, Gospel, Justice & More

By June 5, 2020Culture4 min read

“How Do We Work Together Towards Racial Equality?”Salem Baptist Church
“Church and evangelical leaders, Brian Brodersen, James Meeks, Ed Stetzer, Laurel Bunker, Charlie Dates and Johnson Bowie, gather and discuss facial equality.”

“The World We Impart: Fostering Racial Reconciliation in Our Churches”
“Are we doing all we can as churches to foster racial reconciliation in our own institutions? My intention is not to place blame, but my sincere belief is that if we get the issue of race right, the church can and will set an example for our society.”

“What George Floyd’s Death Should Remind Us About Justice and the Gospel”Russell Moore
“Here we are again. After the country, just weeks ago, saw a shocking video of Ahmaud Arbery shot to death in Georgia, now a video has emerged showing us George Floyd dying with a policeman’s knee on his neck, protesting ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ The officers involved have been fired, and protests are underway, while a nation asks, ‘How can this keep happening?’ As with every other issue here, the problems underlying all of this will need to be addressed both to consciences and to institutions.”

“We Need to Be Uncomfortable”The Gospel Coalition
“While so much progress has been made over the last decade, we still have such a long way to go.”

“Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 4: Esau McCaulley on Protests and Riots”Christianity Today
“There needs to be a public and robust statement that the followers of Jesus are on the side of those who are being unjustly treated.”

“Kanye West Will Fund the College Education of George Floyd’s Daughter and Is Donating Two Million Dollars”Relevant Magazine
“A representative of Kanye West says that he will donate two million dollars to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. He is also donating to the legal fees for the families and has made a separate donation to support black-owned businesses in his native home of Chicago and across the country. He’s also set up a plan to fully cover the college education of Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Giana.”

“Preaching in an Urban Context”Expositors Collective
“Ray Dash is the pastor of The Rock Christian Fellowship in Newark, New Jersey. Originally from New York City, Ray lives and ministers in Newark’s ethnically and economically diverse urban core.”

“Pastors Perspective: June 3, 2020”KWAVE
“Brian Brodersen and Dr. Tony Evans discusses the subject of race and the current state of our nation on Pastors Perspective”

“George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston”Christianity Today
“As a person of peace, ‘Big Floyd’ opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.”

“A Letter to the RTS Family, in Light of our Current National Situation”RTS
“As morning dawned on June 1, 2020, in Jackson, Mississippi, we found ourselves in a nation gripped by fear, frustration, indignation, sorrow, mourning, division, and violence. The cruel mistreatment and unjust killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota have sparked a broad (even worldwide) response revealing a pent up rage over injustice.”

“CGN Church Relief Fund”Calvary Global Network
“In this video, Jimmy Schauerte of Roots NYC shares a praise report of the Calvary Global Network churches who came together and sent funds to help them as they continue through this season of healing! Through this COVID-19 pandemic, Roots NYC (and NYC overall) has been greatly impacted by the virus. Jimmy shares the church’s experience through this season.”

“The Words of Christ”Back to Basics
“Words can be powerful, and at times, have changed the course of history. Out of all the words ever recorded, the words of Jesus have unparalleled quality.”

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