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The Link: Kanye West, Are Christians Intolerant, Ecclesiology 101 & More

By October 28, 2019Culture4 min read

“Should The Church Embrace Kanye West?”–
”By releasing this album, Kanye is presenting the most controversial subject ever to the world, the media and the culture: the preeminence of Jesus Christ.”

“‘Jesus Is King’ and Kanye West is a Tax Collector”The Washington Post
“West has sworn off secular art and says he will perform only gospel music going forward. His wife told the women of ‘The View’ last month that he ‘has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ.'”

“Kanye West: Jesus Is King, Sunday Service, and Being Born Again”Apple Music
“Kanye West meets with Zane Lowe to discuss his highly anticipated ‘Jesus Is King’ album and film coming to IMAX on October 25. Kanye discusses his newfound faith in God, how the public perceived his battle with mental health and the process of creating a new style of music. Take a glimpse into one of the most creative minds in music.”

“Are Christians Intolerant?”Solas
“‘Are Christians intolerant?’ In the latest SHORT/ANSWERS film, Andy Bannister explains why he thinks ‘tolerance’ is a useless word — and why Christianity has a lot to say about how we can truly relate well to those we profoundly disagree with.”

“A Response to John Macarthur and an Appeal for Common Courtesy”Sam Storms: Enjoying God
“It seems that everyone is weighing in on the comments made by John MacArthur at his recent conference in California. For those of you not yet aware of what happened, MacArthur was asked to give his brief response to what was supposed to be a one-word utterance. It turned out to be two words: ‘Beth Moore.'”

“Christianity & Culture Series: Christianity, Liberty & The Rule of Law”
“Rarely is consideration given to the fact that individual liberty and human rights are derivatives of the Judeo-Christian worldview and its impact upon civilization. This brief essay will seek to demonstrate some of the ways in which Judaism/Christianity has left its mark in the courts and law-making institutions around the world.”

“How Christianity Got Dominion Over The World (An interview with Tom Holland)”SpeakLife
“An interview with Sunday Times bestselling author, Tom Holland on his newest book, How Christianity Got Dominion Over the World

“Ecclesiology 101: How The Local Church Lives And Breathes–Praying Alone & Praying Together”
“The psalms are the response of the human heart to the personal revelation of God in the face of every possible circumstance of life in a world that’s in the dark about God. THAT is what the psalms are. THAT is what prayer is. Their prayers were shaped and informed by God’s word, not their moods or their opinions about God.”

“The Gift of Faith”Back to Basics
“If the gift of faith is not the same as saving faith, then what is it? I think a good way to describe the gift of faith is that it is ‘special faith’ or ‘faith to accomplish the ordinary.’”

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