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The Link: Outgrowing God, Human Values, Priestly Blessing & More

By December 9, 2019Culture4 min read

“Richard Dawkins’s Latest Case for Outgrowing God”The Gospel Coalition
“‘I finally gave up on God when I was 15,’ Richard Dawkins writes in his latest book, Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide. He hopes to midwife kids of a similar age through a similarly rational rebirth. Believe in God as a child if you must. If your parents believe, you probably will. But follow the facts, Dawkins suggests, and you’ll outgrow theism like pubescent acne.'”

“History: Did Christianity give us our human values?”Unbelievable?
“Belief in the dignity, value and equality of human beings has become a cornerstone of Western societies. But how did those values arise?”

“What is the Bible and Why Should We Read It?”TheWeeFlea
“Some see the Bible as a book of oppression, others as a book of liberation. Some see it as outdated, others as the most culturally relevant book for our generation. Some see it as full of hatred, others as the book of love. Is it really the case that the Bible is whatever we see it to be? What if our vision is distorted?”

“The Priestly Blessing”Theology & Apologetics
“An in-depth study of the priestly blessing: Numbers 6:22-27. The Podcast bringing you theology, biblical exposition, apologetics, bible study, and cultural commentary from a biblical worldview to help you strengthen and defend the Christian faith.”

“Expositors Collective Seminar: February 21-22, 2020“– Expositors Collective
“The Expositors Collective is a growing network of pastors, leaders, and laypeople which exists to equip, encourage, and mentor the next generation of Christ-centered preachers. Our next training seminar for young preachers (men and women 18-34 years old) will take place on February 21-22, 2020, at Calvary Chapel Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.”

“PEP Talk Podcast With Sarah Yardley”Solas
“When you run one of the biggest evangelistic events in the UK, can you take a holiday from sharing the gospel for the rest of the year? At Creation Fest this summer, we caught up with the woman making it all happen – Sarah Yardley – and found out that sharing the gospel, friendships and hospitality are important year-round.”

“The Moral Universe of Timothy Keller: A Conversation with the Evangelical Pastor and Theologian”The Atlantic
“Since that time Keller, 69, has become one of the most consequential figures in American Christianity. When he founded Redeemer in the fall of 1989, fewer than 100 people attended; in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, Keller was preaching in multiple services in three different venues each Sunday to about 5,000 people—mostly young, single, professionally and ethnically diverse.”

“Discerning the Spirits”Back to Basics
“The ability to recognize false teaching and false teachers is an ability given by God referred to in 1 Corinthians 12:10 as the ‘discerning of spirits.’ Since false teaching is one of the greatest hindrances to the progress of the church, God has given some believers the ability to discern error so that others might be warned and protected from being led astray.”

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