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The Link: Preaching Jonah with Anthony J. Carter, Trust the Bible, White Fragility, & More

By July 17, 2020Culture3 min read

“Creation Fest On Air Begins Monday at 8 PM!”
“We are happy to announce that we will be partnering with Creation Fest UK with this year’s Creation Fest On Air! These will be weekly episodes premiering every Monday evening beginning July 20 at 8 PM PT!”

“Interview: Calvary Chapel Reopens” Christianity Today
“I believe God is doing something in this moment that we can’t see in the present, but we will see in due time.”

“On Preaching Jonah with Anthony J. Carter [PODCAST]”H.B. Charles Jr.
“I have been preaching through the book of Jonah at my church. During my studies, I have been helped and edified by the book Running From Mercy, by Anthony J. Carter. I reached out to Pastor Carter and he graciously agreed to join me for a conversation about preaching the book of Jonah.”

“Compelling Reasons to Trust a 2,000-Year-Old Bible”The Gospel Coalition
“Jones is honest about his own struggles, past and present, with Scripture. But he offers reasons for trusting the Bible because it is “far from irrational to trust the text of Scripture” (35). Specifically, Jones offers “a pathway that a reasonable person might take that would lead him or her to trust that the Bible is true” (37).”

“The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragility”The Atlantic
“The popular book aims to combat racism but talks down to Black people.”

“Pelagian Racism Part 2: Will Preaching the Gospel Fix Systemic Racism?”
“It is the Gospel itself that calls us to do more than ignore injustice and hope that individual oppressors come to Christ.”

“Better than Anything this World Has to Offer”Greg Laurie
“When we gaze into the face of the living Lord, when we feast at His table, we don’t want the scraps of the world. We see the world for what it is. And we also see that it only has cheap imitations to offer us.”

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