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The Link: Where is God in a Coronavirus World, Spirit-led Teaching Webinar, Women You Worth Knowing Podcast & More

By April 21, 2020Culture4 min read

“The Christian Response to the Coronavirus: Stay Home”The New York Times
“This does not seem like the stuff of legend. What did the church do in the year of our Lord 2020 when sickness swept our land? We met in smaller groups, washed our hands and prayed. Unglamorous as this is, it may be the shape of faithfulness in our time.”

“Women You Worth Knowing: New Podcast”Cheryl Brodersen
“Join us each week for a lively conversation between author Cheryl Brodersen and history teacher Jasmine Alnutt as they explore the lives of well-known—and not so well-known—Christian women in history. Trust us—these are definitely women worth knowing! To learn more about ministries and resources led by Cheryl, visit”

“Church Around the World”
“We will be hosting church services on the weekends at our Facebook page. Tune in to watch and participate in ‘Church Around the World!'”

“Spirit-led Preaching in a Changing World Webinar”Expositors Collective
“The world as we know it is always changing. We have all experienced that recently with the COVID-19 crisis. In order for us to preach and teach God’s Word faithfully in an ever-changing world, we need to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As part of our ongoing mission to help equip the next generation of expository Bible teachers, we are excited to announce our first-ever online event: an interactive webinar on May 9, 2020 from 9-11 AM Pacific Standard Time.”

“CGN-Leading in COVID-19 New Episodes”Calvary Global Network
“We have new episodes available! Ministry leaders from the network share what they are currently doing to make a difference. These short episodes are perfect for the busy pastor looking for ideas on how to serve the body in this moment.”

“Where is God in a Coronavirus World?”Sanctus Media Ltd.
“An interview with the author of ‘Where is God in a Coronavirus World?’, Professor John Lennox. Interviewed by TV Producer, Iain Morris, CEO, Kharis Productions.”

“Talking with Your Kids about Jesus: Conversation with Author Natasha Crain”Dr. Sean McDowell
“What are the best ways to discuss Jesus with your kids? What are some practical strategies to engage young people? Sean will interview author and blogger Natasha Crain and take live questions from viewers. Join us!”

“Devotional on Psalm 5:11-12”– David Guzik
“This is a daily devotional by Pastor David Guzik. Enduring Words for Troubled Times”

“Jay Richards on How the Warfare Thesis Ignores the Roots of Science”Discovery Institute
“Listen in as Richards rebuts the warfare thesis – the idea that religion and science are antagonists – and argues that historically, Judeo-Christian culture “was the seedbed from which science emerged.” Has science missed out by being partnered with materialism?”

“Hindu Priest”Undeceptions with John Dickson
“Much of the world believes you are what you are born to be, a product of your family rearing and social circumstance. But what if after more than twenty years of dedicated service to one god, you come to believe you belong to another?”

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