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The Mayflower Pilgrims, Romanian Extension Site, Covenant Theology, & More

By November 13, 2020Culture2 min read

“The Mayflower Pilgrims—as Not Seen on TV”Christianity Today
“Pop culture has given us a distorted picture of the religious separatists who founded Plymouth Colony. Historian John Turner sets the record straight.”

“Introducing Denisa Stanciu: Translator”
“We are excited to introduce Denisa Stanciu who manages! She is a part of the CGN and Team, based in Romania!”

“Best Defense of Reformed Paedobaptist Covenant Theology”The Gospel Coalition
“Review: ‘Covenant Theology: Biblical, Theological, and Historical Perspectives’”

“Bible Readers in Foxholes: Combat Vets More Engaged in Scripture”Christianity Today
“The most popular topics for military Bible study are suffering, hopelessness, and loneliness.”

“Frances Ridley Havergal: Women Worth Knowing”Gracious Words
“Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879): Sometimes the most significant fruit in our lives is borne out of seasons of hardship and suffering. Such was the case with the powerful hymns of Frances Ridley Havergal. Hampered by illness from her youth, Frances joyfully served the Lord by writing books, poems and hymns, leading many to Christ and strengthening believers all over the world. Her victorious testimony is one you’ll definitely want to hear!”

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