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Who Am I?

Consciously or unconsciously, every human being asks that
question. And every day, every culture is busy selling and supplying identities. The prompts come fast, hard, and loud from virtually every direction. You are what you do. You are what you have.

You are who you know. You are where you live. You are what you drive. You are what you wear. Those are the things that fill our existential portfolios. We have all deeply invested in things that by their very nature can never deliver our true identity. But here’s the good news! There is a true answer to the question.

This book is a journey through the first three chapters of the book of Ephesians. It looks at who we were created to be and how we lost ourselves by declaring our independence from our Creator. The bulk of the book unpacks the way Jesus restored us to our true identity and how staggering that
identity is.

It is my deepest desire that this book will cause you to see the infinite worth of Jesus and allow you to love Him supremely and live for Him in the reality and security of who you are because of Him.

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Richard Cimino is the founding pastor of Metro Calvary. Richard has a deep love for God’s work in the UK and Brazil engages in regular outreach & discipleship in both places..