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5 Ways to Re-Center on Jesus When The World Seems Crazy

By January 13, 2021April 22nd, 2022Culture, Podcasts1 min read

Aaron & Brian are back together to talk about 5 practical ways to Re-Center ourselves on Jesus (when the world seems crazy.) In all the insanity, loss, and change of 2020, many of us have felt distant from God, or like we’ve lost our focus on our purpose.

Aaron and Brian walk us through these ideas:

  • Return to Scripture
  • Get back into Prayer (and pray purposefully)
  • Less Screen-Time and Phone-Time
  • Meditate on Jesus
  • Serve Others

While this episode and discussion is laid back and fun, it packs some deep insights as well!

We hope it will help restore your sanity and focus on what Jesus has in store for us in the days to come.


The GoodLion podcast is a show by Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins, the founders of CGN’s GoodLion Podcast Network. Each episode, their goal is to ask hard questions, push past easy answers and always look to Jesus, the God who is not safe but is very good. Visit

Aaron Salvato is the host and co-founder of "The GoodLion Podcast." He is also founder of the GoodLion School of Discipleship where he serves along with his wife, Brooklynn. Aaron's previous pastoral and leadership roles involve youth pastor and Bible College teacher. He is currently pursuing a degree at Western Seminary.

Brian Higgins is the co-founder of the GoodLion Podcast Network & GoodLion Ministries. He has been in pastoral ministry since 2012, and is currently working towards planting a church in New Jersey.