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Divine Intervention: God is in the Details of Your Life

By January 9, 2017April 23rd, 2022History & Holidays5 min read

It’s hard to believe a new year is already here! I remember over the summer saying, “In only six months we’ll be singing Christmas songs!” Just this morning I was humming, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” only to hear my 13-year-old say, “Mom, Christmas is over.” How did that happen so fast? I know it sounds so cliché, but my goodness, time flies; and it has nothing to do with it being fun or not…it just slips right through your fingers, doesn’t it?

And now it’s the New Year! That time where everyone starts talking about resolutions, goals and changes they want to make in 2017. Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t make any resolutions because they’re too hard to keep, or because you don’t want to be a follower and do it just because everyone else is doing it. Me? I have some pretty big plans and dreams for this new year! And I’ve summed it all up in one word, and I will share it with you because we are friends. My word for this year is…(drum roll please)… divine.

Divine to me just means God is in the details.

When someone says something was a case of “divine intervention,” they mean that God made it happen. I want to let God make everything happen this year! I don’t intend to sit back and do nothing, expecting big things to happen. What I mean is that I plan to put God in front of me in every single situation. I think sometimes we unintentionally kick God to the curb in certain parts of our lives. We welcome Him into our marriages, our parenting, our friendships, etc. But what about things that don’t seem so divine like our health? Does God really care about our fitness, our food and our overall health. Umm…yes!

I tend to be obsessive when it comes to health. That may sound very impressive, but the pendulum swings both ways, my friends. I am either up every day at 6am to workout and pre-measuring all my food, or I am eating chips and sitting on the couch, binge watching Netflix. Do you get me here? There is no in between. I realized recently that I wasn’t really allowing God into this part of my life. And honestly, it seemed kind of silly to do so. I was talking to a friend about my frustrations with my health. After some forced medical rest, I had put on weight and was facing the daunting goal of starting back on the road to fitness and being healthy. She said, “Bring God into it. Ask Him what He wants you to eat, and what He wants you to do for exercise and how often.” I was taken aback and pondered the thought of asking God to dictate this part of my life as well, and it just made sense!

Do you believe that God is in the details of your life? All the details?

I do, and this is just one more area that I am turning over to Him. In doing so, my health choices will become divine! Are you following me?

So much of our day to day dealings seem human don’t they? As a Realtor I was showing a client a house, and she was expressing anxiety about wanting a specific house. I said, “No, no, no! God already has your house picked out! We just have to find it!” It was such a gift to be able to remind her that He already had it written into the script, and all we had to do was follow Him; and He would lead us right to it! What a comfort to know that we don’t have to strive to find God’s way, all we have to do is put Him in front of us, and then follow! In doing so, everything in your life can become divine.

What part of your life feels un-Divine today?

Maybe you’re like me, and you didn’t realize that you had kept God out of your choices for your health; or perhaps it’s a business decision that you’ve been stressing over. Even if you aren’t the resolution-making type, we could all use an opportunity to put God back in front of us, to remember that He is in the details. His plan for you was written before you were even a thought. And that tough decision or trial you are walking through is not a mystery to Him! Isn’t it a comfort to know that when we ask God for guidance He is so faithful to give it? I sure am thankful that I am not on my own in this life.

Do you have a word for 2017? What does God want you to focus on? Take a few minutes today to ask Him.

Happy New Year!

Shannon Quintana is a wife, mom and worship leader. She is a worship leader at Refuge Calvary Chapel.