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Don’t Sell Your Birthright, Pastors Perspective, How to Live Like Jesus in Election Season & More

By November 6, 2020Culture3 min read

“Don’t Sell Your Birthright for Sex”The Gospel Coalition
“My friend ultimately surrendered to his feelings, and to his boyfriend’s pleas, and made a conscious decision to walk away from the Lord and pursue this relationship. He knew deep down that living a homosexual life is incompatible with the teaching of the Bible, but he was tired of fighting his desires. Like Esau in Genesis 25:29–34, he wanted his stew now.”

“Four Practical Ways to Live Like Jesus in Election Season”
“For followers of Jesus, this moment presents a very important choice. We can contribute to the noise in a remarkably noisy season, or we can be messengers of peace in a country that desperately needs it.”

“Why Evangelicals Disagree on the President”Christianity Today
“The reason we’re divided, and how we can come together.”

“Pastors Perspective with Pastors Tommy Cota and Bill Buffington”KWAVE
“Pastor Bill Buffington of Calvary Chapel Inglewood will be joining us with Pastor Tommy Cota of Hope Alive Church”

“Fanny Crosby: Women Worth Knowing”Gracious Words
“Fanny Crosby (1820-1915): Fanny Crosby was blinded at infancy–yet this didn’t stop her from becoming one of the most prolific hymn writers and important figures in the history of American worship! Join us as we talk about this incredible woman who chose to glorify God in spite of her blindness and found that in her weakness, He was made strong!”

“Introducing Cinthya Rios: Translator!”
“We are excited to first introduce Cinthya Rios who manages! She is a part of the CGN and Team and assists with the Spanish translation for our CGN conferences! Below is a note from Cinthya, an excerpt of an article from that is available in Spanish, and an interview with Cinthya!”

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