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Reaching Our Communities | Outreach & More!

By November 23, 2021April 29th, 2022Ministry & Leadership, Podcasts2 min read

Today on When She Leads, we talk through how to practically and effectively reach out to our communities.

There are many outreach resources we can work with through humanitarian organizations, local ministry opportunities, and partnerships with other churches. As leaders, how do we lead the charge? What does the Bible say about outreach?

Reference Article by Kelly Bell.


The Pastor’s Wife & Friendships

  • It’s been said, “Being a Pastor’s wife is the loneliest role in the church,” and we would generally agree. Although we wouldn’t say, “I’m lonely,” we often feel alone. In this episode, we talk through the complexities in navigating friendships distinctive to the Pastor’s wife.

    Reference Article by Brenda Leavenworth.

    Book Recommendations:

  • Help! I’m Married to My Pastor – Jani Ortlund
  • Sacred Privilege: Your Life and Ministry As a Pastor’s Wife – Kay Warren
  • The Privilege: Lessons from the Heart of A Shepherdess – Kay Smith


When She Leads is a podcast for women in ministry hosted by Brenda Leavenworth, Jenn Benham, Jody Ponce, Rosemary Cady, and Kelly Bell.

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When She Leads is a podcast for women in ministry, discussing a range of topics from a biblical and practical perspective.

Brenda Leavenworth is an author and speaker based in Temecula, CA. Her passion is to help women grow in their knowledge and understanding of Scripture as they pursue Christian maturity. Married to Ted Leavenworth, who serves as the Senior Pastor of Reliance Church, together they share three adult children and ten grandchildren. Brenda currently serves and loves her community as the Director of Women’s Ministry at her home church.