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Aaron Salvato writes:
“Many Christians now sense the world has shifted. While culture was once positive towards Christianity, we now see a world that has shifted from openness to indifference and now hostility.

A negative world.

Which begs the question… how do we respond to this idea of the negative world? How do we adapt? How do we avoid negative responses that hold us back from our mission and focus on the kind of response that makes a difference in this broken world?

Today on the GoodLion Podcast, I once again sit down with Mike Doyle, founder and lead pastor of Movement Church in NYC, to chat about this complex issue.

We discuss the need for deep faith. A renewed sense of Christian vision, identity, and formation, and how reclaiming the monastic principles of early Christians, even in small ways, can make a big difference.

Later in the episode, I’ll be joined by Brian Higgins to look at the debate surrounding Tim Keller’s strategy of winsomeness and how properly understanding what we mean when we say winsome makes a massive difference in how to understand this conflict.

Then Mike will join me again to close out the episode as we discuss the problems of both-sidesism and the need for a resurgence of theological orthodoxy.

I really enjoyed these convos, and as This episode is the 2nd of a 3-part series on the Negative World, there will be more good convos to come.
We hope it helps you think and consider how to walk wisely as a Jesus follower and to consider the ways the world is changing, but also how our mission as Christians never changes.

You’re listening to the GoodLion Podcast!”

Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins are here to talk about Jesus, faith, and the Christian Life. A show filled with powerful interviews, fascinating theological deep-dives, and a never-ending stream of questions, there’s always something to discover on The Good Lion Podcast.

Aaron Salvato is the host and co-founder of "The GoodLion Podcast." He is also founder of the GoodLion School of Discipleship where he serves along with his wife, Brooklynn. Aaron's previous pastoral and leadership roles involve youth pastor and Bible College teacher. He is currently pursuing a degree at Western Seminary.

Brian Higgins is the co-founder of the GoodLion Podcast Network & GoodLion Ministries. He has been in pastoral ministry since 2012, and is currently working towards planting a church in New Jersey.

Mike Doyle is the founder and lead pastor of Movement Church / New York City. He moved to NY as a missionary, and beginning with a bible study in the basement of a coffee shop in the west village, planted the church he now pastors in Mid-town Manhattan.