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Turn your Eyes to Mexico: A Horizonte Ensenada Takeover Week

By August 22, 2016April 29th, 2022Ministry & Leadership3 min read

Welcome to the Horizonte Ensenada takeover week on! We are looking forward to seeing how the Spirit of the Lord is moving in Mexico!

The world is a crazy place. There are so many issues surrounding the American church at this moment that it would be extremely easy to become inwardly focused. Focused on the fact that Christianity in America is on the decline, church attendance is at an all time low, and that there is a general lack of interest in the culture regarding the church. But now is not the time for nostalgia about “the good ole days.” Now is the time to realize that God is still working, the church is still growing, and Jesus is still saving globally. Many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are seeing huge growth in Christianity, and near the top of those countries is Mexico.

When you watch the news, almost all of the media coverage is painting Mexico in the worst of lights. It would be easy to think that Mexico is a blood thirsty, violent and nearly hopeless country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there is corruption and crime, but there is also so much untold hope and growth. The people of Mexico are hungry, hungry for change, hungry for growth, ultimately hungry for Jesus. From 1970 to 1990, Christianity grew from 1% of the population to 4%, from 1990-2010 it exploded to 9%. Many estimates believe that Mexico will be 20% Evangelical Christian by 2025. We are talking about MILLIONS of people being transformed by Jesus, falling in-love with Jesus, serving the local church and changing communities.

There is an awakening brewing in Mexico.

Most of the churches I come in contact with are growing. Many of the pastors I come in contact with are excited about what God is doing in Mexico. There is an awakening brewing in Mexico.

Calvary Chapel is a part of that awakening.

There are close to 100 Calvary Chapel churches in Mexico, many of them impacting important urban centers. God is using us at Horizonte to work these Calvary Chapels, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by what God is doing! On top of that, there has been a huge expansion in solid, biblical churches that we get to work with. We have taken conferences around Mexico and have seen first hand the hunger that there is to know more about Jesus.

God is up to something.

What I want to accomplish with this small post is to encourage you. Jesus is still King, the church is still unstoppable, and we still have a purpose. Please pray for what God is doing in Mexico. There is a need for hundreds of churches to be planted, thousands of churches to be served and millions of people to be reached.

To see more from Horizonte Ensenada visit their website.

Jonathan Domingo is the lead pastor of Horizonte a Calvary Chapel located in Ensenada, Mexico.