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We are excited to announce the launch of the Cultivate Church Planting podcast!

Hosted by Brian Kelly, this podcast will feature insightful and inspiring conversations with experienced church planters, leaders, and pastors from around the Calvary Chapel movement and beyond. Our goal is to provide encouragement, guidance, and support to those who are on the frontlines of spreading the gospel and planting gospel-centered churches.

CGN’s Cultivate initiative is dedicated to supporting and encouraging church planters in their journey, and this podcast will play a large part in equipping and inspiring those who wish to answer the call to plant, as well as those already on the mission field.

At Cultivate, our mission is to raise up and equip the next generation of church planters and we believe that this podcast will play a crucial role in achieving that goal. For season one, we have an amazing lineup of guests who will share their experiences, wisdom, and insights on various topics related to church planting.

In our first episode, we are joined by Clay Worrel, executive director of CGN, and Pastor Wayne Taylor, a seasoned church planter and pastor in Seattle, Washington.

Together, we discuss the need for revival in church planting and explore whether or not it is possible for a revival to happen again today.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation as we delve into the key factors that could bring about another revival, and the role of church planters in sparking a new wave of gospel-centered churches.

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Calvary Global Network (CGN) is a family of churches working together to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.

For the past twenty years Brian has been involved in church planting and mission work in East Africa, New Zealand, and the United States. Brian has a passion for planting churches and has hands-on experience seeing churches grow from the ground up. He recently planted a church in Bradenton, Florida—WestChurch—where he serves as lead pastor. Brian and his wife Lynne have three children.

Clay Worrell is the Executive Director of CGN. He is happily married to his wife, Jannelle, and they have two lovely daughters.

Wayne Taylor is the founding pastor of Calvary Fellowship Seattle, where he was the lead pastor for 41 years. Follow Wayne on X (formerly Twitter) @PastorWayTay.