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Evan Wickham: Hope for Doubters & Deconstructionists

By August 18, 2021July 19th, 2022Culture, Podcasts, Theology2 min read

Why are Millennials and GenZ kids who grew up in the Church leaving in droves? How can we reach people struggling with doubt and deconstruction? Evan Wickham, pastor of Park Hill Church in San Diego, has a lot of perspective to offer on this topic. Between his time as a youth pastor, traveling worship leader, and spending years pastoring in Portland (a culture hostile to the Christian faith), Evan has seen his fair share of doubt & deconstruction… as well as experiencing some himself.

Evan shares his insight into how we can come out the other side of doubt and deconstruction with a positive attitude aiming to build the Church up, rather than tear it down, and how we can reach people who are currently struggling with their faith. He introduces a concept called “Spiritual Consent” that he has found helpful in ministering to people burned out and wounded by things they’ve experienced.

We hope this conversation helps you in your walk with Christ and is a helpful resource to you as you make every effort to help others discover the Way of Jesus.


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