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10-Minute Seminary: Phil Metzger on Multi-cultural Ministry

By October 4, 2018April 23rd, 2022Ministry & Leadership1 min read

In his second part of the 10-minute Seminary series, Pastor Phil Metzger discusses the point of Multicultural Ministry, whether serving as a missionary abroad or serving in your local church.

​​​Phil Metzger is the lead pastor of Calvary San Diego in Chula Vista, and Joy leads the women’s ministry. Phil is a graduate of Veritas International University (M.A. in Theology/Theological Studies) and Western Seminary (Ph.D. in Intercultural Education). His podcast, “Crossing Cultures,” is dedicated to helping people connect to those who live, think, and believe differently than they do. Phil is also the co-author of “A Story of Grace: Beyond the Iron Curtain.”