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In this video, Greg Laurie, a renowned author and evangelist, acknowledges the profound impact that Chuck Smith had on an entire generation.

Greg Laurie attributes much of his ministry’s success to Chuck’s generosity and guidance. For example, Chuck saw Greg’s gifting as an evangelist before Greg recognized it himself and even helped launch his ministry by supporting the distribution of his “living water” track. Chuck also played a pivotal role in securing Greg’s first church building and opening the doors for what we now know as the Harvest crusades. Throughout the video, Greg expresses deep gratitude for Chuck’s life and the positive impact he made on countless lives. Though Pastor Chuck Smith has been in heaven for ten years, his legacy as a world-changer continues.

Greg Laurie is the senior pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA. Greg is married to Cathe & they have two children. Learn more about Greg at