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The Link: Apologetics & Sir Isaac Newton, Azusa Ban on LGBT Student Relationships, the Spiritual Battle & More!

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: Apologetics & Sir Isaac Newton, Azusa Ban on LGBT Student Relationships, the Spiritual Battle & More!

"Azusa Pacific University Reinstates Ban on LGBT Student Relationships"The Christian Post
"Azusa Pacific University's Board of Trustees has reinstated a ban on LGBT relationships. The decision comes one week after the Christian university had announced that it was going to lift its ban on same-sex relationships among students. In a statement on Friday, the board said officials never got approval to remove language from the student standards of conduct that prohibited same-sex relationships. The board also said they were standing firm in their convictions and will never "capitulate to outside pressures, be they legal, political, or social.'"

"How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t"The New York Times
"The historical Christian positions on social issues don’t match up with contemporary political alignments."

"Sir Isaac Newton on the Supreme Being"Apologetics 315
"The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent Being..."

"CGN Institutions & Ministry Training Centers"–
"Formal training is conducted at various CGN connected institutions of higher education and specialized training around the world."

"Calvary Chapel Bible College Ireland"CCBC Ireland
"Calvary Chapel Bible College Ireland exists to disciple believers into a deeper relationship with Jesus while equipping them for ministry."

"Is God Anti-Gay?"
"It's the hot topic of the moment. Christians, the church and the Bible seem to be out of step with modern attitudes towards homosexuality. And there is growing hostility towards those who hold a different view to the culture's. So is God homophobic? And how do we relate to both Christians and non-Christians who experience same-sex attraction?"

"Finally, The Spiritual Battle"
"The word, 'finally,' obviously means that this comes at the end of the letter to the church in Ephesus - a letter in which Paul carefully established our place in Jesus, and then the basics of the Christian walk. The spiritual warfare passage is Paul's last section dealing with the Christian walk."

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