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The Link: Is Christianity a Psychological Crutch, Worship Leadership Philosophy, Refresh Europe LIVE & More

By August 12, 2019April 22nd, 2022The Link2 min read

“Worship Leadership, Philosophy and Theology with Scott Cunningham”Calvary Global Network
“Worship Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Director of the School of Worship, Scott Cunningham, shares practical thoughts, perspectives and wisdom that will be an immense benefit to anyone in pastoral leadership and worship ministry on this episode of Mission & Methods Podcast.”

“Is Christianity a Psychological Crutch?”Solas
“Is Christianity just a psychological crutch for those too weak to deal with the difficulties of life? In this SHORT ANSWERS video, Andy Bannister tackles a common atheist accusation aimed at Christians … and discovers that maybe it’s atheism that actually has the biggest weakness in this area instead.”

“Watch Teaching Sessions LIVE at Refresh Conference Europe 2019”
Teaching sessions available live August 11-17 at the Refresh Conference Europe 2019.

“Growing As Expositors Through Peer Review W/ Jody Ponce”Expositors Collective
“We believe that sermons can be improved and their impact maximized by increasing the amount of heads and hearts that contribute to their shape and strength.” The next Expositors Collective Seminar will be on September 30-31 at Howell, New Jersey! Visit for more info!

“Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference November 11-14!”Calvary Creative
“Come and be refreshed and encouraged in your ministry and calling as we draw near to the Lord with great Bible teaching, intimate worship, and great fellowship with other worship leaders and team members. In addition, there will be practical workshops to help equip you in your ministry, along with the encouraging fellowship of other worship leaders who serve in the same capacity. It is our prayer and desire to maintain the simplicity and Spirit-led ministry that has distinctly marked the way that God moves in and through Calvary Chapel.”

“Yale’s Gelernter: To Challenge Darwinism Is to ‘Take Your Life in Your Hands'”Evolution News
“At The College Fix, editor Jennifer Kabbany takes note of Yale polymath David Gelernter’s interview with Peter Robinson, in which Stephen Meyer and David Berlinski also participated.”

“Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband at Church”Christianity Today
“Five reasons to separate from your spouse—and sometimes your kids—on Sunday mornings.”

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