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The Link: CGN International Conference, Worldview Behind Transgenderism, Devolution is Natural & More

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: CGN International Conference, Worldview Behind Transgenderism, Devolution is Natural & More

CGN International ConferenceCalvary Global Network
"Same ministry training and biblical instruction focus, but with a slower pace and much more free time, for investing in relationships. This is an annual opportunity for Christ-centered people and churches throughout the world to connect, collaborate and encourage one another."

"Talbot Launches New Master’s Program with Focus on Classical Theology"Biola University
"A new graduate level great books program offers students the opportunity to study Holy Scripture and Christian doctrine primarily through classic Christian texts. Based on one of Biola University’s most popular programs — Torrey Honors Institute — Talbot School of Theology’s new Master of Arts, Classical Theology, will employ a Socratic pedagogy."

"The Worldview Behind Transgendersim"Sean McDowell
"Despite what many activists would like us to believe, this revolution is not merely the natural result of society becoming more “enlightened.” Rather, it is the result of an intentional strategy that aims to completely transform society and how people think about gender, identity, relationships, and marriage. Certain revolutionaries would like us to embrace the new worldview of transgenderism."

"Calvary Global Network Seminary Partnership"Western Seminary
"Calvary Global Network is a community of churches dedicated to Great Commission engagement. Western Seminary longs to see a gospel-centrality at the heart of the ministry that springs from each church. Seeing as our two organizations share so many convictions about the Lord and His work, Western Seminary is pleased to train the people who will lead CGN churches. That's why we've built a partnership to offer special benefits to staff and lay leaders of CGN churches who seek faithful and biblical seminary training."

"Living Grace: Practicing Presence "Here, Now"
"Kate Merrick, married to Britt Merrick of Reality Church, and author of And Still She Laughs and Here, Now, discusses the purpose of practicing presence with host Cheryl Brodersen that you will not want to miss! Kate Merrick has just written a new book titled, Here. Now: Unearthing Peace and Presence in an Overconnected World, that is available now for purchase throughout all available platforms!"

"Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage"Enduring Word
"There are more and more Christians teaching and believing wrong and destructive things about what the Bible says on marriage, divorce, and remarriage. In this video David Guzik examines these wrong beliefs and answers them from the Bible."

"Vindicated by Behe: Devolution Is Natural, Evolution Is Not" Evolution News
"I know many other mathematicians and engineers who share my low opinion of Darwinism, but most are reluctant to express their views publicly because they feel that the issue is simply outside their area of expertise and they will not be taken seriously."

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