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The Link: Does Easter Come From Ishtar, Jesus, Friend of Sinners, Easter Evidence & More

By April 15, 2019April 22nd, 2022The Link3 min read

Updated 1:23pm PT
Grieved to hear the news of Notre Dame Cathedral:

“Part of Notre-Dame Cathedral Spire Collapses in Fire”The New York Times
“The Cathedral of Notre-Dame is one of Paris’s most famous landmarks and had been undergoing renovation work. The cause of the fire remains unknown.”

“In Photos: Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire”– The Washington Post


“Does Easter Come From Ishtar?”Nick Cady
“More likely is that the word Easter derives from the Latin phrase in albis, related to alba (‘dawn’ or ‘daybreak’). In Old High German, in albis became eostarum, which eventually became Ostern in modern German and Easter in English.”

“Easter Evidence: Academics who Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus.”Solas
“God is alive. And not only in philosophy, but in sociology as well. Fifty years ago sociology was convinced that God was on the way out. The scholars had bought into secularization theory; you know the idea—the more modern and technological the world becomes, the more secular it becomes. Peter Berger was one of the leading proponents of this theory. Today he has abandoned it.”

“The Suffering Servant Only Makes Sense in the Context of the Trinity”Christianity Today
“The historical Christian doctrine helps us to see the goodness of God in Good Friday.”

“Jesus, Friend of Sinners”Back to Basics
“All of us know that horrible moment of being caught in some sin. The consequences of it can be humiliating and shameful. How does God deal with us when we fail?”


“Pastors Are Special”For The Church
“Four reasons pastoral work is different (and what you and I should do about it).”

“Stephen Meyer: The Universe, but Make It Brief”Evolution News
“My kids will you confirm for you how much I admire brevity. I’m a broken record on the subject of being concise. ‘What is intelligent design?’ ‘Is natural selection a myth?’ ‘Can you believe in intelligent design and evolution?’ Here Dr. Meyer answers each of these, said to be the ‘most Googled questions about the universe,’ in just 30 seconds each. Now that’s concision. Awesome!”

“Is God Anti-Gay?” The Gospel Coalition
“Jesus is saying the same kind of thing to everyone. When we rightly understand what he teaches about sexual ethics and about marriage, it is deeply humbling for every one of us. It’s challenging for all of us because none of us naturally lines up with what Jesus teaches. His teaching on marriage and sex has been countercultural in every single culture in one way or another. This has never been easy.” — Sam Allberry, speaker at the upcoming CGN International Conference on June 24-27.

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