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The Link: Texas Church Shooting, Hollywood Scandals, Egypt's President Meets with Evangelical Leaders and More

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: Texas Church Shooting, Hollywood Scandals, Egypt's President Meets with Evangelical Leaders and More

We are deeply saddened by yesterday's news of the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Our prayers go out to the victims' families and the community.

"Texas Church Shooting Investigation Proceeds as Community Mourns"CBS
"A house of worship in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was the scene of the deadliest shooting in the state's history Sunday."

"Texas Church Shooting"ABC News
Photos in the aftermath of yesterday's shooting.


"Weinstein, Spacey and the Current Moral Panic"The Wee Flea
"Returning to the wider society, it’s not so much the individual hypocrisy that concerns me as the collective hypocrisy being displayed by an elite that cannot seem to grasp the basic biblical and common sense principle – what you sow, you reap."

"Talking Mideast Peace and Christianity, Egypt's Sissi Makes Unprecedented Overture to U.S. Evangelicals"Haaretz
"The three-hour meeting - where they discussed Middle East peace, ISIS, and Christians in the region - signals Sissi's interest in forging a close relationship with one of the most influential religious denominations in the U.S."

"Pray Always"Back to Basics
"In this passage, we are told to pray always. This means that throughout the course of the day, over and over again, we are to lift our hearts to God, bringing before Him the issues we’re facing."

Enjoy a special FB Live session with guests David Guzik & Lance Ralston on the Reformation
Pastors David Guzik & Lance Ralston both presented a brief message in light of the recent celebration, marking 500 years since the start of the Reformation.

"Keller, Piper, and Carson on Seeking Reformation Through TGC"– The Gospel Coalition
"So, after having celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protest Reformation, what will it look like for TGC to continue seeking reformation according to Scripture? We posed this question in a roundtable video to Don Carson (TGC president), Tim Keller (TGC vice president), and John Piper (TGC Council member)."

"The Reformation Through Jewish Eyes"
"Not only did the encouragement of lay Bible-reading change the relationship between Christians and the Jewish Scriptures, but from my perspective, it changed the relationship between Jews and biblically literate followers of Jesus."– Bruce Zachary

Pastor Brian and Kellen Discuss His Recent Trip to the Middle East and the Global Mission
"As we close season two of Things That Matter, Pastor Brian Brodersen and Pastor Kellen Criswell of the Calvary Global Network (CGN) discuss the work God is doing around the world."

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