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The Link: The Importance of Study & Memorization, Revival, Church Locator and More

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: The Importance of Study & Memorization, Revival, Church Locator and More

"Study and Memorization"Back to Basics
"Studying the Bible is something that every Christian needs to learn to do. It’s not just for the pastor, church worker, or missionary. The difference between reading or meditating on the Word and studying the Word would be the use of certain study helps or tools."

"United for Unity"
"Paul has shown us how God has united us to Himself — now he’ll show us how Christ has united us to one another by looking at what we were, what Christ did, and what we are today."

"Free eBook:Unreached Peoples, Last Reached Places"Missiologically Thinking
"Unreached Peoples, Least Reached Places is written to cast a vision of reality in the United States, and to offer some practical steps to move us along in disciple making and church multiplication. We know much about lostness in other parts of the world; we know little about it in our backyard."

"Revival"Refuge Christian Fellowship
"This past Sunday we met together to grieve, worship, pray, and trust anew in God’s goodness and promises. As we did so, we were reminded of God’s promise to be exalted in all the earth, to bring about good and blessing even through evil and destruction."

Looking for a Calvary Chapel in your area? We have a church locator available to provide you with the location of any local Calvary Chapels and Calvary Chapel affiliates, along with directions, website and contact information of the church. Enjoy!

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