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The Link: The Technological Discipleship Gap, Christian Bakery Wins Appeal in Supreme Court Case & More!

by Calvary Chapel

The Link: The Technological Discipleship Gap, Christian Bakery Wins Appeal in Supreme Court Case & More!

"The Technological Discipleship Gap"Christianity Today
"New digital technologies have potential to either advance the gospel or sow destruction."

"European Missions and the Need for New Churches and Leaders"
"Pastors Brian Brodersen and Richard Cimino discuss the current state of missions in Europe, their experiences planting churches, and the exciting opportunities and needs for new church planters, pastors, and leaders."

"John Lennox: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?"Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
"On Oct. 9, 2018, John Lennox addressed the critical questions surrounding artificial intelligence and how the future of artificial intelligence bears on a Christian vision of reality. This event was hosted at the Zacharias Institute in Alpharetta, GA, and is part of a new series called #TrendingQuestions."

"Christian Bakery Wins Appeal in Supreme Court 'Gay Cake' Case"Premier
"Judges in the UK's Supreme Court have said the Christian-owned Ashers bakery was not being discriminatory when it refused to make an order that conflicted with its religious beliefs."

"Practice the Christian Virtue of Reading Promiscuously"– The Gospel Coalition
"Reading need not be merely an interesting pastime or secular scholarly pursuit, but has significant theological implications and practical applications for the Christian."

"XXV: The Enduring Vision of Albert Mohler at Southern Seminary"Southern Seminary
"Produced in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Albert Mohler's presidency at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, this short film explores the conviction, vision, and mission of the man that led the charge in the transformation of the flagship seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention."

"Things That Matter: Doing Church in the LGBT Community"
"Serving in a highly dense population with a huge emphasis of the LGBT community, Justin Thomas of Calvary of the Hill in Seattle, Washington, shares on this episode of “Things That Matter” that so often the Church can tend to people with certain issues but ignore others if the issue is too “messy.” Justin reminds us that we are doing life alongside a variety of people who all need to know the love of Christ."

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