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Peter Singer’s Deadly Logic, A War of Loves Book Review, Signposts Podcast & More

By November 26, 2018April 22nd, 2022The Link2 min read

“Asia Bibi Family Being Hunted ‘House to House’ in Pakistan”The Guardian“Supporters appeal for family to be given asylum in Europe or north America.”

“Peter Singer’s Deadly Logic Takes Humans to the Cliff’s Edge”Premier Christianity
“Following his human rights debate on The Big Conversation, Esther O’Reilly says even fellow atheists baulk at the implications of Singer’s philosophy.”

“All the East is Moving”First Things
“If ideas of freedom and tolerance fail to gain universal acceptance, it may once again become necessary to acknowledge explicitly the Christian faith that was their wellspring and may yet prove to be their mainstay.”

“A War of Loves -David Bennett”TheWeeFlea
“The Christian book world seems to be filling with gay Christian memoirs. First there was the disappointing and depressing Vicky Beeching’s ‘Undivided’. This was followed by Jackie Perry’s well written and refreshingly biblical Gay Girl, Good God. Then we went downhill again with Jayne Ozanne’s Just Love – Now we come to David Bennet’s newly released book, War of Loves.”

“Signposts with Russell Moore”ERLC
“Listen in as Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, talks about the latest books, cultural conversations and pressing ethical questions that point us toward the kingdom of Christ.”

“Christian Bible teacher with same-sex attraction releases new book on ‘Holy Sexuality,’ witnessing to LGBT community”The Christian Post
“In an interview with The Christian Post earlier this month, Yuan explained that his new book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God’s Grand Story, ‘grew out of’ an earlier book he co-wrote with his mother about their faith journeys…Yuan’s earlier book introduced a concept he called ‘holy sexuality.’ ‘I define ‘holy sexuality’ — not heterosexuality, not homosexuality, but holy sexuality — as chastity in singleness and faithfulness in marriage,” explained Yuan to CP.'”

“As Many as Received Him”Back to Basics
“Within every one of us is an innate desire for spiritual reality. We all want life and peace. Yet apart from Jesus, we are in darkness—our sin blinds us. How does a person come to know God?”

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