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The Link: Don’t Buy the “Science Guy,” Preaching & Teaching the Old Testament, Iran-Backed Militias & More

By July 15, 2019April 22nd, 2022The Link3 min read

“Things That Matter: The Pastor as a Leader”
“In this pastoral series with pastors Brian Brodersen, Richard Cimino and John Hwang, we have been breaking down the role of a pastor. Today we focus on the pastor as a leader. How is leadership defined in ministry? Brian, Richard and John share key points on this episode of Things That Matter.”

“It’s Time To Go On The Offensive”– Solas
“We’ve believed that Christianity is declining. It isn’t. We’ve assumed Christianity can’t stand up in the university. It can. Too many of us think Christianity is threatened by diversity. It never has been. And too few of us think Christian sexual ethics are sustainable in the modern world. They are. On these and many other fronts, we have conceded far more ground to secularism than it deserves.”

“Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament with Vigor”Southern Equip
“I started to think to myself: Why do so many Christian institutions do this? That is what originally got me into Hebrew and Semitic languages, and ultimately the Old Testament itself. The truth is, the Book of Leviticus is just as important as the Book of Romans, and Leviticus should be preached with the same vigor — despite the fact that it is more difficult in many ways.”

“Pharisees, Spears, & God’s Righteousness | Righteousness Miniseries Pt.6”GoodLion
“Aaron Salvato and Char Broderson discuss the key differences between Old Testament and New Testament depictions of righteousness, and what it means for the follower of Christ.”

“Don’t Buy ‘The Science Guy’”
“In the last few years, however, Bill Nye has entered into a different realm. Apparently, he fancies himself an arbiter of all truth; the man who can quite literally save the world.”

“DNA Is Code: Who Coded It? (Science Uprising 03)”Discovery Science
“Is the software that runs life the result of accumulated copying errors? Or does it require a programmer? This episode of Science Uprising examines how Microsoft founder Bill Gates, geneticist and entrepreneur Craig Venter, and even evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins all acknowledge that DNA is like software. But how was that software created?”

“‘The Situation is Very Vulnerable’: Iran-Backed militias Ethnically Cleansing Northern Iraq”The Telegraph
“Those who can are getting out. Those who stay are preparing themselves for more violence. ‘Things are bad more than any other time,’ Fr Behnam Benoka tells me at his church in Bartella, a ghost town protected, if that’s the right word, by soldiers with Kalashnikovs. ‘It’s harder even than before Isil.'”

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