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The Link: Hurricane Harvey Relief, Nashville Statement and more!

By September 4, 2017April 22nd, 2022The Link2 min read

Enjoy Labor Day and enjoy this edition of The Link:

Support the Disaster Relief for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey
We continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Find how you can support through the link above.

“Reporter Asks Man Who Lost Everything in Harvey Why He’s Still Grateful–Get’s the Perfect Answer”Faithwire“As Hurricane Harvey sweeps across Texas, devastating families and wiping out homes, some of those affected continue to thank God in the midst of tragedy…It’s what the man, Jeremiah, walking with his 6-year-old son Jeremiah, Jr. said next that was really unexpected.”

“Inerrant and Infallible”The Resurgent
“A lot of the arguments over the Nashville Statement are premised on the idea of Biblical inerrancy — is the Bible fallible or changeable? Certainly there are things in the Bible that have changed. There is a doctrine called progressive revelation…”

“Rasaria Butterfield: ‘Why I Signed the Nashville Statement'” CBMW.ORG
“Great battles in theology faced by the church over the centuries have been caused by the introduction of unbiblical categories about the nature of people and the nature of God, and the imprecise language that emerges from this. Are we justified by faith or are we justified by faith alone? Does the Bible contain the word of God or is the Bible the word of God? Should we refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings because marriage is a creation-mandated institution and not a social privilege that can be re-packaged as the world whims? Or should we bake two cakes because sexual orientation as a category of personhood erases sexual sin without the blood of Christ?”

New One Love Church Location
One Love Church is expanding to a new location! Pray for the team as they start a new church plant in Thousand Oaks, CA!

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