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The Link: Orthodoxy of Community, Telling a Compelling Story, Never Outgrow the Gospel and More

By May 13, 2019April 22nd, 2022The Link2 min read

“Orthodoxy of Community”The Gospel Coalition
“‘One cannot explain the explosive dynamite, the dunamis, of the early church apart from the fact that they practiced two things simultaneously: orthodoxy of doctrine and orthodoxy of community in the midst of the visible church, a community which the world could see…”

“Telling a Compelling Story”The Expositors Collective
“Nick Cady and Mike Neglia talk about early sermon experiences, plagiarism, mentorship, coffee beans, narrative arcs and the importance of our delivery as we teach God’s Word.”

“Speaker Lineup to the CGN International Conference”Calvary Global Network
“As we prepare for the 2019 CGN International Conference on this year’s theme of Commissioned: Gospel Ministry in a Post-Everything World, we are excited to facilitate discussions, fellowship and hear from this year’s lineup of speakers, including Miles McPherson, Tim Chaddick and more!”

“Hillsong United” Relevant Magazine
“…Just looked at everybody’s faces, and I said, ‘You know what? Maybe we should just take some time off,’ he remembers. ‘We all looked at each other and nodded our heads,’ says fellow singer Jonathon Douglass (who goes by JD). Houston remembers the moment well. ‘Everybody kind of started crying,’ he says. After years of touring, most of the band was burned out and wanted to spend time with their families.”

“Never Outgrow the Gospel”
“What this means is that you never outgrow the gospel. No matter how long someone has been a Christian, they will never get to the place where they no longer need to hear the gospel.”

“How Oxford and Peter Singer Drove me from Atheism to Jesus”Solas
“I remember leaving Singer’s lectures with a strange intellectual vertigo; I was committed to believing that universal human value was more than just a well-meaning conceit of liberalism. But I knew from my own research in the history of European empires and their encounters with indigenous cultures, that societies have always had different conceptions of human worth, or lack thereof.”

“Global News Update”Theology & Apologetics
“Bringing you cultural commentary from a biblical perspective.”

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