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The Link: Sexual Identity, N.T. Wright on Human Rights, Ministry in Hollywood & More

By July 22, 2018April 22nd, 2022The Link3 min read

“How to Navigate Conversations About Sexual Identity”Desiring God
“Obviously, speaking of sex practices and self-identity, with biblical conviction and with humility, opens outreach opportunities like few other things. From your experience, what have you learned from publicly engaging LGBT societies on campus? And how can we steward these types of conversations well?”

“Chris Pratt and taking our place on Schaeffer’s Staircase”Think
“You see, the spiritual tone in the arts right now is completely different from the one we feel in the general aether. Across art forms, Christianity is becoming more and more prominent and is being treated with increasing respect.”

“‘The only way out is through Jesus’: The El Salvador pastors saving MS-13 gang members – video”– The Guardian
“In El Salvador, where brutal gangs like MS-13 and 18th Street have given the country the world’s highest murder rate, the only way out for members is to become born-again Christians. In this intimate look at the lives of former gang members, we follow two pastors from the rival gangs as they convert gang members to stop them falling back into violent ways”

“What Hollywood Really Wants: Bible-Preaching Churches Unashamed of the Gospel”The Gospel Coalition
“What does effective ministry and enduring faithfulness look like in a city like Los Angeles? What are the unique challenges and opportunities facing pastors and churches in the “City of Angels,” a sprawling and complex metropolis Jack Kerouac once called “the loneliest and most brutal of American cities”? Jeremy Treat is a good man to ask. He’s the lead pastor at Reality L.A., one of the largest and most vibrant churches in the region, located in the heart of Hollywood.”

“10 Things You Should Know about Preaching”Crossway
“As Jesus’s Spirit works in us, we long to know him more deeply and to proclaim all that he means to us with fresh conviction. Love for Jesus—and then a deepening love for people—must be the hallmark of our ministry. If our hearers can discern that, they will discover Christ in our preaching and their delight (and ours) will continue through the years.”

“NT Wright: Why Steven Pinker is Wrong About the Foundation of Human Rights”Unbelievable?
“Justin Brierley is joined by leading New Testament scholar NT (Tom) Wright and popular historical writer Tom Holland to discuss how Paul the apostle changed the world as described in Wright’s recent book Paul: A Biography.”

“High School Dual Enrollment Program”CCBC Murrieta
“We are excited to offer this aspect of our Distance Learning program that will allow high school students to accumulate CCBC college credits while also being able to count them as elective high school credit. We offer our Distance Learning courses at 50% off tuition (up to 18 credits total) just for high schoolers.”

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